Monday, February 4, 2019

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Are you white and in love with a black man? Do you think it's socially unacceptable? Does it accept you when someone raises an eyebrow when you and your black man walk in? Some people just don't get the black love connection. Interracial dating has been an issue in the past. Nowadays, some people may raise an eyebrow but it is socially acceptable. There's nothing wrong with a white woman falling in love with a black guy. If they get along fine, then there's no problem. Curious and irate people just make an issue out of it.

Skin color has always been the issue of the division of most people. For some, the color is the basis of the social system class with the blacks at the bottom list. Moreover, racism has proven to be rampant world-wide. Here are a few more insights on how you can better understand interracial relationships.

1. Interracial love by definition.

Interracial relationships happen when two people of different racial group jump in a relationship. Oftentimes, it ends up with marriage. This can be coined as exogamy which means one marries outside of his racial group. It may also be in a form of cohabitation and sexual relations.

2. Interracial love in the past.

Back in the past, it was socially unacceptable to have someone marry a person of different race. In terms of legality, there were countries in the Western world that banned interracial marriage. There were miscegenation laws that were passed before. Anyone who was caught cohabitating with someone of different race was to be punished.

3. Interracial love in different countries.

In the past, women from Saudi Arabia are not allowed to marry non-Arabs. They may only be allowed to marry non-Arabs when a special dispensation from the King was given. However, men from Saudi Arabia are allowed to marry any woman they choose. However, in United States, anti-miscegenation laws were considered unconstitutional. With the growing population of various ethnic and racial groups, interracial marriage was common. The black love connection was very much rampant too.

4. Interracial love in blacks.

Black people consider the black love connection with a white person is unacceptable. It's like deserting the African-American solidarity. According to most black women, if a black guy marries a white woman, it is like betrayal. Moreover, black parents greatly object to the interracial marriage as much as white parents do. It's a way of denying the black identity, culture and heritage.

5. Interracial relationships in the bible.

According to some, they believed that interracial marriages were not allowed in the scriptures. The restriction against Jewish-Gentile marriages is a good example. They do come from different races but that isn't the right implication. The marriage was prohibited because believers and unbelievers could not marry each other. Clearly, there is no biblical basis for interracial marriages. It's not written in both old and the new testament. It would just contradict the statement written in Genesis that God does not judge us according to the skin color we have. Moreover, you should be like God that sees through a person's heart and not his color.

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