Monday, February 4, 2019

Dallas Lesbian Personals

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Most people reading this will remember the great TV series, The L-Word, in one of the story lines, lesbian partners Tina and Bette have decided that they would like to have a child. They ask one of their male friends to become their sperm donor, and just as Tina is about to be inseminated, the doctor tells them that his sperm count is too slow. Keen to proceed as planned, the couple then ask another of their friends, an artist from France to oblige. He agrees... as long as he can make love to Tina. As he delicately said "The penis and the pussy, they go together, no?" Our heroines decline and rush out, leaving him baffled.

Laura Goldberger, a family and marriage therapist from San Francisco says that a huge concern for lesbian couples, who are trying to become pregnant, is where the sperm is from. Laura runs a support group for these couples and advises that although information and genetic sources such as male friends and sperm banks are available now, the whole process of finding and selecting a donor is highly charged emotionally. As we are still in the early stages of this new exciting new world that has very few lesbian-mother role models and even fewer resources out there to guide new mothers through the intrinsic difficulties faced by lesbian mothers.

However, we must acknowledge that the obstacles are slowly reducing in number and more lesbian couples are now able to consider parenthood than ever before. The phenomenon has even attracted its own label; 'The Gayby Boom'. It isn't easy to accurately determine how many families there are with two lesbian mothers but an estimate based on the census of 2000 puts the figure at about 167,000 families. Many people think this is an underestimate as gay stigma still prevents large numbers of people from revealing information about their sexuality. A more recent report has taken the findings of several different surveys and estimates the number of families with two lesbian mothers at over 3 million.

In some urban districts of cities such as LA, San Francisco and parts of Brooklyn in NYC, two-mummy families are an every-day sight in the ever changing gay scene. Festivals celebrating gay pride are becoming increasingly common and help to promote child friendly activities which promote differences and diversity; an acceptance of the demographic changes. Media is also recognising the growing movement of lesbian parenting and way back in 2004 an edition of the NY Times magazine chronicled the lives of a family at the forefront of the movement. Gay and lesbian parents are also the target customers of a fortnightly magazine called 'And Baby', although the publication has been aimed at upper and middle class families up until now, it is currently being restructured and we are hopeful that their appeal will become more widespread in the future.

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