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Congratulations on your first date with your Asian girlfriend. The first date is always important because it can make or break the image. If you want things to move forward then make sure you impress your girlfriend on your first date. If the cultural differences are making you nervous then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how you can impress an Asian woman on your first date.

#1. If you really want to impress an Asian woman then you must take her to a really classy restaurant. By doing so, you will pass the message that you are serious about her and this gesture will also make her feel important.

#2. When dating an Asian woman for the first time, make sure you bring a little surprise for her. It need not be anything extravagant or costly. You can bring flowers or a small gift to make her feel special.

#3. Unlike western women, Asian girls consider dating as a method of finding the right life partner, so it is a serious thing for them. They would like to know more about you and your family. If you like your date and wish to have a longer relationship, make sure you let her know more about your life and your family.

#4. Don't be late for your date as Asian women are very particular about being on time for a date, meeting, or any other important appointment. If you are late, that will consider you as someone who doesn't value time.

#5. If you take her for a drive, impress her with your gentleman behavior. Open the door of the car for her, and tell her to buckle up when she is seated to show that you care. Most importantly, drive gently.

#6. You might have a great physique, but don't try to flaunt it on your first date. If you get the first date right, you will get many chances to make her take notice of your well toned body. So, be humble and polite. Good manners and politeness will take you far, so don't get into any macho antics.

#7. Be careful about the food you order on your first date when you are with an Asian woman. To be on the safer side, allow her to order as this will also help you score more points on being thoughtful. Remember that not all Asian girls are fond of drinking alcohol, so make sure you find out whether your date is comfortable before ordering one.

#8. Most people find themselves at loss of topics to talk about on their first date. If you really want to impress your Asian girl, talk about her family, her country and culture as you are really interested about knowing more about them. You will see her face light up and glow as she tells you about her family and culture. You can also ask her about her job, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

When you are on a date, remember the golden rule - don't flirt with other women. Give your full attention to the woman you are with and do not let her feel neglected. Are you still looking for an Asian woman to date? Check out our Asian dating site to find attractive singles.

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