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Some women got no choice when their spouses died or when they have to go through divorce. Becoming a single mother is considered a natural outcome of things. Some single women, on the other hand, have chosen to keep their babies and become single mothers. No matter how things turned up, these women can still search for a new love. Problem is, most of men often don't realize that they have these issues when dating single mothers. This article hopes to help men understand more of these issues when they decide to date single mothers.

1.    Time issues
Since single mothers obviously have to look after their child(ren) and keep their house in order, not to mention they also have to earn the money to keep things running, their daily routine might outweigh a big company CEO's workload. Such busy schedule not only drain their life-force but also pile up exhaustion and aggravation.  You may find when dating a single mother she tends to forget about some things related to you or important to you.

Furthermore single mothers don't have the luxury of being 'pretty' anymore, this will make them lose their confidence and making dating single mom a challenge because you have to deal with her low self esteem too.

So to overcome this, the first thing dating single mothers must do before jumping into dating life again is to take time to make herself attractive again. After that, she must ensure she can afford time to meet people and make room for the relationship to grow by using babysitter services or getting help from relatives. Thus, men will understand these dating single mothers are in for commitment.

2.    Attention Issue When You Date Single Mother

However, after getting a date, more problems may lay bare on dating single moms' path as they may take over the whole conversation during the date with stories and complaints about being a single parent. While occasional stories of your child can act as a reminder of your status, dates still act a get-to-know-EACH-other way, not a place to make speeches about how miserable your life is as a single parent dating. Though the dating single moms' side will feel better after venting out, such blabbers are best kept for therapy sessions or dating single moms' gatherings.

3.    Financial Issue When Single Parents Dating

When love has finally taken root in each other's heart after several dating sessions, one other issue that may emerge with the change in social norms where each side of the party need to contribute financially instead of men being gentlemen like in the past.

Unlike the two previous issues which stress on what dating single mothers should amend on their side, this third issue should be considered together as a couple. As stated above, dating single moms are already trying their best to keep their life (and their child(ren)'s life) going. Any additional financial contribution in anything, not just in forming relationships, might be fully out of the picture for them. Therefore, dating single moms must relay that message to their possibly future-spouse so both parties can reach good standing for long term relationships.

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