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San Antonio Interracial Personals

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Interracial dating is no longer taboo in our society. Many online dating sites have helped to promote dating across different races and ethnicity. Just like any type of dating, this dating needs commitment, understanding and respect for each another. Approximately 14% of new marriages are interracial. The increase in cultural diversity may be causing the rise in interracial dating, or it might simply be that we can't help who we are attracted to. Interracial dating helps couples learn more about other cultures and also brings to light the fact that love is not about race, but rather about the mutual feelings two people share.

A female friend, who is Latino, shared with me, "I've always dated interracially. I have no problem with that and neither does my family. When we walk down the street people don't stare at us like in the past, but rather they just go about their business. Interracial couples are just like any other couple, they have their good times and their hard times. I must admit dating someone outside my own race brings a thrill to my relationship."

Some people don't have anything against interracial dating, but would rather stick to their race partly because they feel that understanding someone outside your own race might be a bit tricky and take too much effort on their part. Bob, who was born and raised in London, admitted to being attracted to black women all the time, but he feels that he would spend more time trying to understand their culture than working out the relationship. He confessed, "For a guy who has patience and tolerance, Why not? Interracial dating wouldn't be a bad idea, but that guy isn't just me."

Another major thing is that we have to think of the parents when talking about interracial dating, what do I mean? Some parents find it hard to come to terms with their children being with someone of a different race, this is because of either language or cultural barriers. Parents are naturally concerned and involved in their children's choice of partners, though looking at it from a personal point of view I believe that the opinion of the two people involved in interracial dating matter more than the opinion of their parents.

Interracial Dating is definitely fun, no doubt. The truth is sometimes it can be challenging at first, but in the long run its worth all the effort put into it. The most important thing when dating someone is to make sure that you are compatible with them, that way you have a much better chance of working it out. A successful relationship is one where you can learn from each other and still have fun because overall, all that matters is love.

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